Home Office Design 2022 Final

by Christophe Muyunga Tshiuma on Aug 22, 2022

Home Office Design 2022 Final

Emerging Home Office Design Features and Decorative Trends You Should Know in 2022

In the wake of the global pandemic, many businesses allow or encourage their employees to work from home. As a result, 77% of workers feel they are as productive at home as in the office, and 86% feel less stressed. This article surveys the home office design choices and decorative schemes that embrace this new arrangement and encourage focus and productivity.

Design Features Embrace the Natural and Functional

Home office design in 2022 is functional and practical. The trend is away from extensive personalization, as flair can offer distractions. Instead, the best designs feature personalized functional objects that serve a work-related purpose. Here are the major design features that promote focus and productivity.

Choose Neutral Colors

Blending a small number of tans, grays, and browns is easy and keeps the office space balanced. Neutral tones are not distracting and make it easier to focus. Next, pick a slightly more vibrant but natural shade for well-placed accents to bring an attractive splash of color.


Use a Fully Equipped Work Surface

Always consider what tasks your work-from-home lifestyle entails and pick a desk that can accommodate you. The surface should have sufficient width and depth. Furthermore, many desks come equipped with pull-out shelving or cabinets if you require storage space or a printer. Finally, you should not have to move your ergonomic chair far to perform your essential work functions.

Set Aside a Place to Relax

Keep televisions out of the office – they are too great a distraction for most people. However, a small couch or comfy chair can elevate the décor and provide precious moments of decompression and relaxation. You deserve a place to take a break without abandoning your work mindset.

Overall Décor that Embraces Current Design Trends

Three popular decorative styles are emerging as trends in 2022. They embrace the above features, and each offers its own take on elegance and sophistication. With an exciting range of expression, everyone should be able to fit one of these styles into their home office.

Eco-Friendly or Natural Style

The Eco-Friendly style embraces wood furniture and earthy, naturalistic wallpapers in keeping with social trends. Be sure to incorporate several live plants and as much natural light as possible, emphasizing a big outside view. Studies show that natural elements increase productivity and happiness, which comes with the bonus of a zero-carbon commute.


Scandinavian design embraces wood furniture and incorporates other natural materials. It prefers white with well-placed black contrast pieces. You can use a wide range of expression for personalization, from posters or artwork to woven baskets and clay pottery. Remember to use just one or two pieces of each decoration type to keep the clutter down. With abundant natural light, this decorative style encourages creativity and calmness.


The traditional home office embraces natural woods, stone surfaces, and leather accents. These three materials should appear throughout and add texture to the room. Feel free to add accessories to draw the eye, but try to keep them as functional as possible to maximize efficiency.

Keep the Focus on Productivity and Functionality

Home office design in 2022 promotes focus and productivity by offering sufficient workspace and personal space. Minimal clutter means fewer distractions, but a welcoming area to relax without "leaving the office" can help you destress and stay on task for longer. The Eco-Friendly, Scandinavian, and Classic decorative schemes embrace these trends and keep enough color and personalization to inspire without distracting. If you're looking to build or update your home office, they will lend plenty of style and sophistication to a productive workspace.