How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp Final

by Christophe Muyunga Tshiuma on Aug 22, 2022

How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp Final

3 Timeless Tips to Help Novices Choose the Perfect Table Lamp in 2022

Good lighting serves a function and creates emotion. It can promote productivity or lull us to sleep. Think of the excitement of a bustling kitchen and compare it to the romance of a quiet dinner or aperitif. To ensure your new table lamp is a hit, you must understand how its purpose, function, and form combine to tie an entire room together. 

Define the New Lamp’s Purpose and Space First

Interior lighting serves three primary purposes. First, rooms need sufficient ambient light for safe navigation and large jobs like cleaning. On the other hand, task lighting focuses on a specific area, like a reading light in the living room or lights over the stove. Finally, accent lamps bring drama by drawing attention to the room's architectural or artistic elements. Of course, some lamps are the artistic element themselves!

Make sure to define the purpose of your new table lamp ahead of time. Is it for reading, drama, something to help light the entire room, or a mix? Remember that most rooms need layers of lighting. They may seem harsh and impersonal if they only have ambient lighting, like a department store.     

Let the Room and Function Determine the Lamp’s Size

Proportions and ergonomics are essential if your new table lamp has a shade. The diameter of the shade should be about two inches less than the length of its body. Drum shades are the most reliable in this regard. Keep in mind that the smaller the base of your shade is, the smaller the area illuminated by your lamp. 

You should let the room's décor, especially the nearby furniture, determine the height of your lamp. For example, having the bottom of the shade at eye level when sitting or reclining is standard so that a taller end table will require a shorter lamp and vice versa. The proper height is significant for task lighting, especially for reading.


Compare Color, Material, and Shape to the Rest of the Décor

To make sure your new lamp fits perfectly in your home, you need to nail the style. So always remember that lamps have their own style, and you should not add them to a space as an afterthought. A lamp can be the star of the room, fit the décor seamlessly, and everything in between.

You will need to decide whether your lamp will complement the surrounding style, blending in and subtly supporting the room's overall effect with a similar design and colors. On the other hand, you could choose a lamp style that breaks with the rest of the room and stands alone, sporting a unique design and construction.

Think of a neutral, contemporary room with a single crystal and bronze table lamp to draw the eye and start a conversation. Then, pair two lamps with the same color and materials but a different shape for a professional spin. The false symmetry is a real eye-catcher. 

A Good Lamp Blends Purpose, Function, and Style

Your new lamp needs to look good and keep the light nicely layered. To choose the best lamp, define its purpose and understand how it will function in the space. Think about the other lights in the room and how the new one will fit in. Then, decide whether you want it to conform to the room's décor or split from it for the wow factor.